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Fort Worth City, Texas, Criminal Defense Lawyer Patrick Curran

Sex Crimes – Drug Crimes – Assault & Domestic Violence – DWI

Attorney Profile: I’m Patrick Curran, Attorney at Law. I’ve been providing clients in Tarrant County with a strong, effective defense against criminal charges for more than 20+ years.

I know Texas criminal law and I know how prosecutors charge cases involving sex crimes, drug crimes, assault family violence, violent crimes and other crimes. For 11 years, I worked as a prosecuting attorney. That knowledge of how the prosecution operates is invaluable in defending people in Texas criminal courts.

I believe that criminal investigation and effective criminal defense is simply too intricate and too important to fit a criminal defense practice in with other areas of law. That’s why I devote 100% of my time to criminal defense. Learn more about my background in criminal law.

I am in Tarrant County criminal courts every day. The prosecutors and judges all know me; they’ve seen me fight for my clients in the courtroom and they know I am thorough and careful in my defense. That helps when I’m negotiating for my clients.

GOOD RESULTS are why people hire me, but you’ll also appreciate the access you have to sound legal advice and the quality of service my office provides. When you become a client of my firm, you will be given my personal cell phone number and I reply to calls and texts throughout the day, even when I am in court and handle all cases personally then I don’t hand cases off to a less experienced lawyer so you can rest assured you are always benefiting from my extensive experience.

I do have an assistant who is not an attorney but is on hand to help you at any time. My assistant has been with my office for more than 10 years. Together we help our clients through the most difficult times of their lives.

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When To Call a Fort Worth, Texas, Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve had an encounter with the police – you were called in for questioning, the police came to your house with a search warrant, you were arrested – call a defense lawyer immediately. Seemingly harmless words can end up being misquoted in a police report and used against you later on.

As your defense lawyer, I will immediately begin to protect your rights. You have a right to talk to an attorney and anything you say to me is private.

Police rarely investigate a case thoroughly. They talk to the complaining party and their witnesses, but only sometimes to the accused. They often fail to get statements from witnesses for the defense and yet that can make a big difference in whether or not the D.A. files charges in a case. Early polygraph tests can also be keep charges from being filed.

As your lawyer, I will ensure these early steps are taken to begin your defense immediately.

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