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Expunction and Nondisclosure

ExpunctionIf the judge told you at your hearing that your record would be closed, or sealed, or expunged at the end of your probation, you still have one more thing to do. You must file a petition with the court for expunctions or an Order of Non-Disclosures. I can help you do that.

I’m Patrick Curran, a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney representing people accused of crimes In Tarrant County. You don’t need to go to court to seek an expunction or a Non-disclosure. I can handle everything for you. Just call my Fort Worth law office at (817) 714-5529 or contact me online to see how your specific case would be handled.

The best option for protecting your future is expunction (sometimes called expungment). If your case qualifies for an expunction and the judge approves the request, the charge will be deleted from your criminal record. A criminal charge won’t stand in your way when applying for school, financial aid, a job or housing.

Federal agencies do not have to honor an expunction but the FBI, DEA and most other federal agencies will honor it.

Your case will qualify for expunction if:

  • You were arrested but not charged with a crime
  • Your case was dismissed – insufficient evidence or lack of probable cause to arrest you
  • The grand jury did not indict you
  • You successfully completed deferred adjudication for a Class C misdemeanor
  • You pled guilty to a Class C misdemeanor?
  • A judge or jury found you not guilt

Another way to talk about non-disclosure is sealing your criminal record. It’s common for criminal records to be sealed for offenses committed as a juvenile, but you may also be able to limit the disclosure of an adult offense by filing for an Order of Non-Disclosure.

Many misdemeanors are eligible for non-disclosure as soon as the deferred adjudication probation is successfully completed. Other misdemeanors require a 2-year waiting period. Felonies are eligible 5 years after successful completion of deferred adjudication probation.

  • If you pled guilty to or were convicted of a family violence offense – assault or violation of a protective order – a judge will not approve your request for non-disclosure
  • If you were convicted of a crime in which a child was the victim,
  • If you were convicted of a sexual assault or other violent or serious felony
  • Drunk driving convictions

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