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Sex Offender Registration

Sex Offender Lawyer in TXA sex crime conviction has many serious penalties — including incarceration and serious fines. For those facing sex crime charges, these penalties are not the biggest fears. For many people accused of sex crimes, the biggest fear involves the mandatory sex offender registry. If you are facing a sex crime charge, it is important to work with an experienced Fort Worth Sex Crime Defense Lawyer to help you avoid the sex offender registry. Hire me, and I will fight aggressively to protect your interests.

As  a practicing criminal law attorney for more than 25 years… I have a thorough knowledge of the law and criminal procedure. And with more than 11 years as a prosecutor, I have intimate knowledge on how  these cases are handled.  Especially relevant, is my  understanding of the sex offender registry.

Texas sex offender registration requires you to give all of your information to the authorities within a week of arriving in any location.

This includes where you live, work or attend school. In addition to disclosing your residence, employer and school… You will need to provide the authorities with a slew of personal information, like your fingerprints and any identifying physical features. Even information about the crimes for which you were convicted must be disclosed. This info is then made public and available to everyone in the community who cares to look it up, including:

  • Employers
  • Housing and rental agencies
  • Schools
  • Neighbors and neighborhood associations
  • Police

Clearly, the sex offender registry requirement is a serious hindrance to your life goals! And has dire consequences for your reputation and your future. When you hire me, I will defend your rights aggressively and do everything that I can for you.

Keep in mind, failure to register can bring even more extreme criminal penalties. In addition to, specializing  in helping my client avoid the sex offender registry.  I also defend clients in Texas who have been charged with failure to register or falsifying their registration information.

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If you are facing a sex crime charge that could result in the sex offender registry requirement or sex offender registry violation charges, it is important to talk with a lawyer to learn about your options. Call (817) 714-5529 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.