Violent Sex Crimes

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Violent Sex Crimes

Violent Sex Crimes in Fort Worth, TXFacing charges of a violent sex crime charge represents the fight of your life. Your freedom and your reputation are at stake. It is essential to work with a violent sex crimes attorney. Attorney understands the severity of the situation and can provide you with the strong criminal defense you need.

At the Texas law firm of Patrick Curran, Attorney At Law, I have more than 25 years of criminal law experience. including 11 years as a prosecuting attorney. I also understand what you are going through. Contact me online or call (817) 714-5529 to discuss your case. I will provide you with an honest assessment of your case.  Also Personalized service and strong defense to match the severity of your situation.

As your Fort Worth rape and sexual abuse attorney, I can defend you against charges that include:

  • Rape defense:

    Rape is the most serious of the violent sex crime charges. The penalties are severe, and it requires experience and diligent effort on the part of your attorney, who help you defend against these charges.

  • Sexual assault defense:

    Sexual assault is a broader term that covers a variety of illegal sexual. It acts without the consent of the other person.

  • Aggravated sexual assault:

    There are a variety of factors that could turn sexual assault into aggravated sexual assault. It including serious bodily injury to the victim, attempts to cause the death of the victim. Also use of a deadly weapon, or a victim who is under 14 years or older than 65 years.

There are numerous variations and degrees of seriousness involved in violent sex crimes. so it is essential to work with a lawyer who can help you. Understand the charges you are facing, your rights, options and the best defensive strategy in your individual case.

My No. 1 goal is to have your case dismissed. In many cases, there are evidentiary problems or errors on the part of the police. that will cause the case to be thrown out of court. As your lawyer, I commit to searching every possible option for a dismissal of the charges against you. so you can avoid the penalties and the sex offender registry.

When the case cannot be dismissed, I will fight aggressively for your rights and do everything. I can to minimize the penalties that you will face.

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For a free consultation with a lawyer to discuss your violent sex crimes defense, contact me online or call (817) 714-5529.