Internet Sex Crimes

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Internet Sex Crimes

Internet Sex Crime Lawyer in TXYears ago, sex crimes were a much simpler matter. Generally, a person had to leave the house or at least use much simpler forms of technology to solicit a prostitute. Child pornography involved actual physical possession of child pornography.

Due to the Internet, these crimes are much more complicated than they have ever been before. A Haltom City Internet sex crimes attorney today needs to be experienced in this type of case, fully prepared for the evidentiary and procedural nuances, and savvy enough to understand the technological complexities involved.

I am Patrick Curran, Attorney At Law, a Fort Worth, Texas, Internet sex crime attorney with more than 25 years of experience. Contact me online or call (817) 714-5529 to discuss your case. Having handled a large number of Internet sex crime cases, I am well-positioned to provide you with strategic, aggressive criminal defense. Furthermore, with over 11 years experience as a prosecuting attorney… I know exactly what the other side is looking for.

I defend clients against Internet sex crime charges that include:

  • Child pornography:

    It is rare to see possession of hard copy child pornography any more, as most child pornography in recent years involves the Internet. Computer-based possession of child porn cases is extremely challenging, with technological and evidentiary issues. These type of issues are not present in most other criminal cases.

  • Solicitation:

    It is common for the police to pose as children or as prostitutes on the Internet. It is easy to creating sting operations to trap people looking to solicit an underage person or prostitute for sexual activity.

In both child pornography and solicitation cases, it is important to work with a lawyer you can trust. Who have the experience, the knowledge and commitment to provide you with strong, strategic defense.

I pride myself in being available to my clients and providing personalized service. I will be the one working with you & help you. My concern is to understand the process and giving you the information you need, to make smart decisions for defense.

Contact Patrick Curran, Attorney At Law

It is important to talk with a Tarrant County online solicitation of a minor defense. Talk attorney to discuss your options and to determine whom you want to represent you in your defense.

I offer free consultations, so you can talk with me, free of charge. I will give you an honest assessment of your case and let you know how I can help you. Call (817) 714-5529 or contact me online.