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Drugs Youth and Young Adult

Youth and Young adultThe “war on drugs” has claimed a lot of victims all across Texas – usually young people who had their whole lives ahead of them before they got mixed up in drug use themselves.

I’m Patrick Curran, a Fort Worth drug crimes defense lawyer with more than 25 years of experience handling misdemeanor and felony drug cases. I have handled thousands of drug cases over the years, including many hundred cases as chief Assistant District Attorney prosecuting misdemeanor drug crimes in Tarrant County.

Parents, I understand how difficult this time is for you, watching your child make serious mistakes that could have very real consequences for their future. I have worked with many families to help get a young life back on track. If you, or your son or daughter, is facing a criminal charge of drug possession or possession with intent to sell, call my office for a free initial consultation: (817) 714-5529.

I can provide a strong defense and I can explain your options for age-appropriate treatment and diversion programs.

My goal when working with youth or young adults charged with a crime like drug possession or possession with intent to sell is to keep the charge off their permanent record. We don’t want a youthful mistake to stand in the way of future accomplishments like going to college or getting a job.
The first strategy is to try to prevent charges from being filed in the first place. That could happen by presenting the DA with evidence showing that your child wasn’t involved in the crime.

If we have a strong defense, we can take the case to court to fight the charge. But if the evidence is strong, it may be in your child’s best interest to enter into a treatment or diversion program. After completion of a diversion program, we can expunge a criminal record so a criminal charge won’t need to be listed on a college, housing or job application.

Drug Treatment and Diversion Programs in Tarrant County

There are several programs available to young people that could be a tremendous benefit.

  • The Deferred Prosecution Program is a limited supervision program for young people ages 17 to 24 who were 17 to 21 at the time of the offense, who have not previously been convicted of a crime and who are willing and able to “rehabilitate” themselves. Track B of the DPP program is for offenders facing criminal charges involving possession of marijuana or other drugs. It includes a supervisory period with drug testing. The program runs 4 (for misdemeanor charges) to 8 months (for felony charges).
  • The DIRECT program is for people of any age who have a significant drug problem and are at high risk of reoffending. The offender may have a past criminal record with two or fewer convictions. This is a post-plea program so the charges have already been filed and the offender has pled guilty. The defense attorney submits an application for the DIRECT program. Conditions of the program will include drug treatment, random drug testing, therapy, employment or enrollment in school and a curfew.
  • The DIRECT Pre-trial Diversion program is for people of any age who have a drug problem but have no prior criminal history (or who had a juvenile record that is not admissible in trial, or two or fewer prior convictions). The offender will have a criminal case involving possession of a controlled substance or possession of marijuana (under a certain amount by weight). The offender must be considered able to self-correct.
  • The offender will plead guilty but there will be no finding of guilt by the court. The program lasts 90 days (misdemeanor) or 180 days (felony) and requires regular reports to a case manager, attendance at the Texas drug education offender program, a clean urine test and hair follicle test.

Upon successful completion of diversion programs, the original criminal charges will be dismissed and the crime is eligible for expunction. I can help you file the expunction paperwork to have your criminal record cleared so your drug arrest won’t hurt your chances for school or career.

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I’ll fight for you child’s future. Talk to me about the application process for deferred prosecution programs. Call (817) 714-5529 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.