Drug Crimes Help In The Veterans Court

For The Time When A Hero Slips

Drug crimes vary in magnitude. Drug trafficking, distribution and cultivation are at the far end of seriousness.  Possession of Marijuana, whilst experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to active service, is something else.

Veterans Mental Health And The Incidence Of Drug Usage
Veterans of active service often come back changed. Going through active service, even if you have signed up for it, can be challenging mentally and emotionally. The pressures and issues that rise up as a result of life threatening situations impact on everyone differently.

For some the pressure is too much.
At such times people, even veterans of combat, can reach for non-prescription solutions to the issues they face.As soon as the line is crossed the danger of legal repercussions comes into existence. Effectively causing the person involved to step from the frying pan into the fire.

Drug Crimes And The Veterans Court Diversion Program

The understanding of the pressures of combat has thankfully become far greater than in the past.  In World War 1 P.T.S.D. was seen as cowardice, and led to execution. Now there is support for people experiencing P.T.S.D. Yet even with psychological support available, some veterans feel they are unable to talk about what they have experienced.

At Such Times The Risk Of Drug Offences Increases.

The thought of gaining just a short amount of drug induced respite, can lead to appalling legal problems though.

Thankfully the veterans court diversion program is in existence to help.

What Issues Are Commonly Addressed By The Veterans Court?

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Domestic Violence
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Anger issues
  • Drug Abuse

This program brings a different dimension to the usual legal process. Especially where conditions including P.T.S.D. and drug crimes are concerned.

How Can The Veterans Court Help With Drug Related Offences?

Drug related offences are always a result of the issues a person is facing. Everyone deals with life differently. Everyone has different thresholds which can carry them over the edge.

That is where this unique court system is special. It focuses on the root problems contributing to involvement with the criminal justice system. It brings in a different range of specialists including the Department of Veteran Affairs, and other community based support organizations.  It’s mission is to rehabilitate, and restore veterans. Helping them to become contributing members of their community again.  They provided beneficial service to their country before. They have the known potential to do so again.  As such they gain different perspective.

Drug Crimes And Veterans How Pat Curran Law Helps

As a former assistance D.A. With over 25 years experience. Knowledge of the issues facing veterans. And of course in-depth experience dealing with drug crimes and drug related offences. Pat Curran Law is ideally placed to help former service personnel with legal issues within the Veterans Court Diversion Program.  It is our ability to work with your personal history.  The issues you experienced that led to your current legal position.  Combined with our deep knowledge of dealing with drug crimes and the law that set us apart from other lawyers. Plus our specialist experience within the veteran court program. That can make the difference you need. Call us now to schedule an appointment. It could change the impact your legal issues have on your life, and your liberty.

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