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Sex crimes are generally thought by many to be on the rise. Whether they are or not, sex crimes be they forcible rape or sexual assault, are often traumatizing and wreck lives.


What Is The Difference Between Forcible Rape And Sexual Assault?


Forcible Rape Definition

Forcible rape is characterized by forced sexual intercourse.

This includes by psychological coercion, often characterized by intimidation. Along with physical force. Forced sexual intercourse expressly means, the sexual act of penetration by the offender or offenders.

Within this crime are included; attempted rapes, both male as well as female victims, and also both heterosexual and same sex rape. Attempted rape also includes; verbal threats of rape. With time, the definitions have expanded to accommodate changes in society.


Sexual Assault Definition

Sexual assault comprises of a wide range of victimization. Which are notably separate from rape or attempted rape. Whilst both are sex crimes, sexual assault is a sex crime where the act of penetration is absent.

Crimes within this classification include both attacks, and attempted attacks.

Those attacks generally involve, unwanted and uninvited sexual contact between the victim and the offender.  Sexual assaults can include an act involving force, though are not limited to acts where force is involved. Acts of sexual assault include, but are not limited to, grabbing or fondling. Crimes within this definition can also include verbal threats.


Sex Crimes Trends And What They Mean For Society And You

The following facts come from the most recently available statistics, from the Texas Department of Public Safety, about reported sex crimes.


Incidents Of Sexual Assault In The Texas State Area

From the most recent figures there were 18,349 incidents in 2016, down from 18,636 in 2015, a reduction of 1.5%. With the number of victims also reducing to 19,045 from 19,537, a 2.5% reduction. While the number of offenders also reduced to 19,245 from 19,648, down 2.6%.

Please note that the figures for 2017 are yet to be published.


These Figures Indicating That Texas As A State Is Being A Safer Place In Terms Regarding The Crime Of Sexual Assault

A point of note here is that the vast majority of these sex crimes, were carried out by offenders who were sober at the time of the incident. Only 10.1% of incidents involved alcohol, and 5.2% drugs. The remaining 84.7% of sexual assaults, were carried out by offenders who were sober.


Sexual Assault The Most Likely Places For Incidents To Occur According To Statistics

The highest number of incidents occurred within the home. 73.6% of incidents occurred within the home. Highways, roads and alleys were the second highest reported, with 3.6% of assaults occurring at those locations. Followed by 3.5% of sexual assaults being in hotels and motels.

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Weapons Used In Incidents Of Sexual Assault

By far the leading weapon used in sexual assault cases, was the body of the offender itself. With 90.4% of incidents citing the offenders body, as the weapon used. Drugs were cited as the next major weapon used, at 2.6%. Firearms which many would believe to be used more, actually came in third at 1.7% of incidents of sexual assault.


Sexual Assault A Disturbing Trend In Relation To Age Of Both Victims And Offenders

One of the most alarming statistics regarding sexual assault in the Texas state area, is the age of both victims and offenders.  The largest group of sex offenders, in the case of sexual assaults in Texas were in the 15 to 19 year age range. With the 20 to 24 year age group being second. The fifth largest group rather alarmingly, was the 10 to 14 year age group. The fact that those of such a young age are perpetrating such crimes, is highly concerning.

In terms of the victims, the top two age groups were first the 15 to 19 age group. With the 10 to 14 year group being second, only by a very small margin though. The third largest group of victims was in the 5 to 9 age range.

The high number of incidents involving such young age offenders, and victims, is rightly very concerning for Texas residents.


The 10 Worst Areas By Texas Jurisdiction For Number Of Reported Incidents Of Sexual Assault

  1.  San Antonio PD 1,545
  2.  Houston PD 1,385
  3.  Dallas PD 1,064
  4.  Fort Worth PD 1,060
  5.  Harris CO SO 685
  6.  Corpus Christi PD 448
  7.  El Paso PD 391
  8.  Arlington PD 361
  9.  Lubbock PD 313
  10.  Austin PD 296

San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and For Worth are naturally major metropolitan areas. With large populations. As such a tendency of bigger numbers is common in such locations.


Forcible Rape A Declining Trend To Be Welcomed By Texans

For forcible rape the figures indicate what should be a welcome trend for recent years. In 1960 the rate of forcible rape per 100,000 people was 9.3, over the following decades this figure climbed to 20.8 in 1970, 47.3 in 1980 and in 1990 it reached 51.5 which was the highest figure.   What has followed has been a decline. In 2000 the figure reduced to 37.7 and then it dropped further to 30.2 in 2010.  The ten year trend, indicates a steady decrease in forcible rape. Something which will be welcomed by Texans.


What Does The Sex Crimes Trend Mean For Texans?

Generally with sex crimes on the decrease per capital, Texans should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Figures for both sexual assaults and forcible rape, are both on the decline.

That said, the trend that involves the young and very young in sex crimes, is for many alarming.  While there are a variety of socio-economic factors contributing to this, the question importantly is: what can and should be done to actually bring things under control.

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